My love for the outdoors began at a young age...

Rafting with Dad.jpg

I must have been about ten when my dad took me white water rafting on the Kennebec River, in Maine. 

Twice per year my family would drive up to the Country House in the Laurentian Mountains where my grandpa taught us how to fish out on the lake. 


Last year I began construction on a raised bed by the lakeside fire pit. 


In the Summer we’d spend our time hiking, paddling and swimming out to the island, and in the Winter we’d ski, snowshoe and clear off the ice to play hockey and build snow shelters.


Once my brothers and I got a bit older my dad took us on regular hiking trips to White Mountain National forest in New Hampshire. 


In college I took a two-week backcountry ski course with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) where I learned essential skills for Winter camping including navigation techniques, avalanche safety and snow shelter construction.



In the last few years I began revisiting the works of William Golding and Jack London, books I had no patience for as an adolescent. Their work roused my dominant primordial beast, inspiring me to pursue more diverse outdoor education. Last Summer I took courses at the Raven Wilderness School in Western Massachusetts where I began to learn primitive living skills that were developed over thousands of years by both Native Americans and the Sami Laplanders of Scandinavia. 


I am constantly reminded that education is a never ending journey of exploration. Always hungry for adventure, I have taken my curiosity around the globe.


I started this website as a way to spread love and appreciation for the natural world by helping others maximize their time spent outdoors.

I hope to pass on what I have learned from my own adventures and outdoor experiences.

Now go play outside and stop reading about strangers on the internet!

See you out there!